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Monday, February 26, 2007

Live & Unplugged

This morning I decided that I am going to leave the tv off during the day, every day this week. I've realized that 1)I really don't "need" to have it on 2) the only time I can even watch it is when I'm nursing Charlotte 3) during that time I can instead make a grocery list, call a friend, or just relish this special time w. Charlotte, just something more productive. 4)the only thing on during the day is trash anyway (at least at our house, since all we have are bunny ears!)
I thought I needed it on for the "company", but I realized that all I really need is a little background noise...some adult conversation perhaps. So I turned on the radio to my favorite contemporary Christian radio station, and guess what...I haven't missed the tv all day! I actually found the house much more peaceful without it on. It's almost a relief! And hey, we're saving electricity to boot! :)

On another subject, I got permission from one of the momma's to post some photos of her little ones that I took last week....so here they are! This is Owen & Isaiah-aren't they adorable? Oh, I could just eat 'em up!


Lauren said...


Wow, you are really great at what you do! Your pictures are just adorable- thanks for sharing.

I don't suppose that with Charlotte keeping you busy that you'll be heading to NY anytime soon? :) If you are, we'll have to arrange a photo shoot for Zoe and some of her friends.

Sum said...

hey lauren! great to hear from you! i bet zoe is getting so big! how old is she now?
i would LOVE to take pictures of zoe &her friends...now i just have to get to NY! :) matt and i haven't been back since the NY trip 2 summers ago :( we miss it!

Lauren said...

Zoe is 14 months! She's our little city kid- and loving that it is finally getting warm enough to make it out to the parks to play with (ok, watch!) all the other kids. I'm sure by the end of the summer she will be doing a lot more joining in.

Well, if you all find yourselves coming out here, just be sure to pack your camera. :)

Brenda said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first one!! Awesome eye contact....it's perfect!!