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Thursday, March 1, 2007

mini playdate with the cuz!

This morning I babysat Drew for an hr and a half...so he and Charlotte got to enjoy a "mini playdate" at our house! I love watching them interact. Charlotte just thinks Drew is the funniest thing on the planet. I really think she could watch him play all afternoon. I have to admit, he is pretty entertaining! It's times like this that I miss Heidi all the more. I can just picture us sitting there, watching the kids play, snapping pictures, getting their snacks, making lunch together, talking about the latest news in our circle of friends, planning our vacation this summer, etc. When I watch Drew play I see what an awesome little person he is becoming. I am so thankful that Charlotte will have Drew to grow up with. They make quite a pair!


girlie girl said...

Heidi would love watching Char and Drew play together! I like to think she does. Thanks for sharing these photos!

Lauren said...

Thanks for posting this Summer- the pictures and the words. :)