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Monday, April 23, 2007

So fun to be 2!

I had a shoot last night with the perfect model! Gorgeous brown hair that flips and curls in all the right places...sparkling green eyes...pink pouty lips....man, this girl has got it so good! Oh, did I mention she's only two? This little tot kept me busy as we ran all over the park. I think she was a little afraid of the camera...but even with tears and lots of running, I still managed to capture some sweet moments that only a 2 year old could impart!

Elisa, here's a sneak peek at your proofs...I told you we'd get some good ones! - even with the crying spells :) Hope this tides you over until they're done!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

For Dad

My dad was working on screening in my parents' front porch last week, and Drew, being the boy that he is, really wanted to help. He calls it "workin". He was busy "hammering" in the screws and "drilling". Thankfully I had my camera. I've learned not to leave the house without it :) I snapped a few pictures, trying to capture those fleeting, precious moments before they slipped away forever. I love watching my Dad interact with his grandchildren. I have grown to love him even more as I watch him play with them and love on them. I think it's because I get a glimpse of how he must have cared for us when we were little. There's nothing quite as wonderful as watching your parents cherish your own children.
This is for you, Dad, to bring a smile to your day! I love you.

Ok, change of plans

I orginally was going to revamp this blog into a website for my clients, but instead I am going to make a blog in addition to this one that will be business-only. I am in the process of creating it, so bare with me...I'll post a link to it as soon as it's up and running!
Someday, I hope to have an amazing, professional website designed just for me. But considering those start at $600, I'm going to have to wait quite awhile for that :)
So this blog will still be here, as a place for my thoughts and latest adventures :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


No, I'm not getting one...but my blog is! You may notice over the next few weeks some subtle changes. I'm going to transition my blog into a place where clients can go to get more info....prices, specials, sneak peaks, etc. So (for the 2 of you who actually check my blog), don't be confused if things start to look a little different.

Now, onto some fun stuff! This is a kiddo from a shoot on Monday. Joy-I'm still editing, but here's a sneak peak at your proofs! Gorgeous, happy kid= the perfect shoot! Thanks for letting me come over and play with Tyler :)

Monday, April 2, 2007

I must be a REALLY good mom...

I haven't been too good at blogging, but I think it's because I keep catching myself coming and going! I'm keeping busy with photo shoots....when I'm not taking pictures, I'm editing. So I'm a little burry-eyed at the moment! I can't complain though...I get to do something that I love and it is a way for me to stay home with Charlotte (which I love even more!) :)

I'm waiting for a load of diapers to finish washing so I can throw them in the dryer and then head to bed. I did 348 loads of laundry today. (well, it felt like it anyway!) It seems like the housework is never caught up. I appreciated my friend Callie's comment today that a sign of a good mom is a house that isn't spotless! It means she's spending more time with her child than she is cleaning :) That definitely fits me to a "t"! At least I finally have a good excuse!

While I'm waiting for my 349th load of laundry to finish, here's a few shots from my shoot last week...these are Shelly's adorable little girls (you can check out her blog under "blogs i visit") This was by far my most fun shoot yet! (the first picture speaks for itself!)