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Monday, January 28, 2008


I mentioned last week that I was going to be adding something to the Beginning Collection (maternity+newborn) that you were going to just flip over....well here it is!

Introducing the new Belly2Baby softcover flip book! Start at the beginning to see your best maternity images, then (the super cool part!), flip the book over and see the best newborn images! I am so excited to offer this to my maternity + newborn clients.

A few sample pages to tease you even more....

Remember - if you are expecting, contact me as soon as possible with your due date. Maternity sessions are best done between 28-34 weeks, and I am currently booking a few months in advance. I have so many fun ideas for my maternity clients this year!

Take advantage of the dreary weather today and curl up with a good book. I personally will be reading something OTHER than Goodnight Moon and Bob the Builder :)


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.the scarlet stitch.

i've had some "down time" the last week so i've been catching up on my web surfing. you're going to love this one...


i think it would be every photographer's dream to have their clients show up in these clothes. nostalgic, comfy, and classic. and absolutely beautiful!

in case you were wondering (because i'm sure you are dying to know...wink)
here are my absolute favorites!

i love this merlot courdroy hat!

this dress is so stinkin cute...and i love how versatile it is.

last but not least - this orange&cream dress..."made with natural muslin and finished with grossgrain ribbon"...i'm drooling on my keyboard here!

and don't forget, they have stuff for boys, too! so if you're little man is feeling dapper, you'll want to check them out :)

i think that's enough plugs for one week! we're heading to IKEA tomorrow, and I'll have my camera in hand :)

have a great weekend everyone!


p.s. the gorgeous images seen here in this post, and on the scarlet stitch site are by a colleague of mine, Amanda Price. You can see even more of her amazing work here

.i'm addicted to etsy.

not only can you find the cutest, most unique items...but i love knowing that i'm supporting other small business owners. many of them are moms working from home just like me...which i think is so cool :)

i can't remember how i stumbled across this little store on etsy, but oh my goodness....i'm in love! i am such a sucker for anything personalized as it is...and then you throw in the modern design and clean lines...and i'm sold!

here are just a few of my favorite things from Sarah & Abraham:

these are their print trios. i love the bird design, but there are several others as well. so sweet and playful. i can't wait to move charlotte into her "big girl" room just so i can buy these for it :)

these gift tags are another favorite of mine. you can get them personalized (like below), or get them with adorable designs printed right on them. i can think of a hundred uses for these already!

check out the rest of the Sarah & Abraham store at:

Sunday, January 20, 2008

.a few things.

I've updated my pricing structure for 2008, and well as spiffed up my Collections, so please review that information on my site before booking your next session.

I've already booked several session for this Spring! If you have been waiting to book a session until the last minute, don't wait! I should be closing the books on March & April by the end of February.

If you are expecting a baby and want to book either The Newborn or The Beginning (maternity + newborn) Collection, please contact me asap. It's never too early to get those sessions on the books. I will be releasing a very exciting new addition to The Beginning Collection within the week,so stay posted! I'm super excited about this, and I think you will flip over it :)

My website will be undergoing a few changes in the coming months, as well as some awesome new product offerings. I will post here once that information has been released, so check back often :)

I think that's it! Have a great Sunday everyone!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

.a privilege.

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing baby "I" last week. As most of you know, we are involved with the Children's Hospital of IL because of our experience there with our son. I had told a staff member (and nurse) there last summer that I wanted to donate my services for "heart families". She said she would keep me in mind. Fast forward to the fall, and I got an email from "I"'s mom. Pregnant with fourth child. Devastating news. Complicated, serious heart defect. Surgery within first week of life.

We met over dinner a few weeks ago, and I instantly could feel the love she had for her unborn child. Such devotion, yet fear. It reminded me so much of where I had been only 3 years before.

Baby "I" was born last week. Mom had a beautiful, quick birth. I finally had the chance to meet this baby girl. These images were so important to the parents, as they captured her before her first surgery. I am so thankful for the incredible privilege to meet such a special baby.

This sweet little thing had her first open heart surgery yesterday. She did well, but is still critical. Keep her in your prayers, as she has many hurdles to face.

Meet Baby "I". A living, breathing miracle.

Thank you E & C for allowing me to meet your precious daughter. I am truly blessed to have met you. I have been where you are, and I know it seems insurmountable. I pray the Holy Spirit would bring you comfort and strength that you cannot fathom. You guys are amazing.


Saturday, January 5, 2008


"The envelope, please"
"Ahem...and the winner of the 2007 Image of the Year Awards goes to...

Image 12!!!!!!!
(wild cheering and whistling from the audience)

"and second place, just 5 votes shy of first...."

Image 2!
(more cheers and some clapping)

"and last, but not least, in third place..."

Image 4!
(clapping and a "WA-HOO!")

Thank you everyone for voting and participating! I though for sure #2 was going to be the winner, as it was ahead the entire contest...but at the last minute, #12 snuck by with 5 votes and stole the top prize!
I honestly had no idea how many votes would come in...but thanks to you we had 598 votes!! I am blown away! I will be offering a contest about every 3 months, so bookmark my blog or add me to your favorites, cause the contest are going to get better and better all year! Who knew giving stuff away could be so much fun :)

Congrats to The S, R, and B family on winning! Check your inbox for an email from me about your very cool prizes :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sorry to keep you in suspense...

but contest winners will be announced tomorrow! I was planning on announcing today but my lil girl decided to get sick last night. So hopefully by tomorrow she will feel better and we'll have some of the puke smell out of the house. Either way, I'll tally up the votes tonight and get the winners posted tomorrow. So just hang in there one more day :) Thanks!

My poor sick little girl :(