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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.the scarlet stitch.

i've had some "down time" the last week so i've been catching up on my web surfing. you're going to love this one...


i think it would be every photographer's dream to have their clients show up in these clothes. nostalgic, comfy, and classic. and absolutely beautiful!

in case you were wondering (because i'm sure you are dying to know...wink)
here are my absolute favorites!

i love this merlot courdroy hat!

this dress is so stinkin cute...and i love how versatile it is.

last but not least - this orange&cream dress..."made with natural muslin and finished with grossgrain ribbon"...i'm drooling on my keyboard here!

and don't forget, they have stuff for boys, too! so if you're little man is feeling dapper, you'll want to check them out :)

i think that's enough plugs for one week! we're heading to IKEA tomorrow, and I'll have my camera in hand :)

have a great weekend everyone!


p.s. the gorgeous images seen here in this post, and on the scarlet stitch site are by a colleague of mine, Amanda Price. You can see even more of her amazing work here


Anonymous said...

You so have to remind me about this site if we find out next month we are having a girl!!!!!

And I'm dying to hear about the new changes in The Beginning!!! I'm chomping at the bit to get our tax return and monthly paycheck so we can get our spot!!!!

Liz said...