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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

.a privilege.

I had the wonderful privilege of photographing baby "I" last week. As most of you know, we are involved with the Children's Hospital of IL because of our experience there with our son. I had told a staff member (and nurse) there last summer that I wanted to donate my services for "heart families". She said she would keep me in mind. Fast forward to the fall, and I got an email from "I"'s mom. Pregnant with fourth child. Devastating news. Complicated, serious heart defect. Surgery within first week of life.

We met over dinner a few weeks ago, and I instantly could feel the love she had for her unborn child. Such devotion, yet fear. It reminded me so much of where I had been only 3 years before.

Baby "I" was born last week. Mom had a beautiful, quick birth. I finally had the chance to meet this baby girl. These images were so important to the parents, as they captured her before her first surgery. I am so thankful for the incredible privilege to meet such a special baby.

This sweet little thing had her first open heart surgery yesterday. She did well, but is still critical. Keep her in your prayers, as she has many hurdles to face.

Meet Baby "I". A living, breathing miracle.

Thank you E & C for allowing me to meet your precious daughter. I am truly blessed to have met you. I have been where you are, and I know it seems insurmountable. I pray the Holy Spirit would bring you comfort and strength that you cannot fathom. You guys are amazing.



katie said...

so beautiful and touching. I will be praying.

girlie girl said...


Bridget Reed Photography said...

beautiful job Summer. What an honor.

Lily said...

beautiful photographs. I wish the best to baby I's family.

Jamie said...

Oh Summer, beautiful story, beautiful captures. Stunning. Prayers out to this precious baby and her family. j

Meg White said...

I am so glad you posted these pics Summer! I know that must have been hard toshoot them. Lovely work!

Keisha said...

Those pictures are truely priceless, and I am sure I's family was comforted by your presence.

Sara Tams said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - I really appreciate it! I love your photos and will be adding your blog to my favorites so I can check back in from time to time.


Kimberly Kyle said...

Beautiful moments. She is in my prayers.