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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

.i'm addicted to etsy.

not only can you find the cutest, most unique items...but i love knowing that i'm supporting other small business owners. many of them are moms working from home just like me...which i think is so cool :)

i can't remember how i stumbled across this little store on etsy, but oh my goodness....i'm in love! i am such a sucker for anything personalized as it is...and then you throw in the modern design and clean lines...and i'm sold!

here are just a few of my favorite things from Sarah & Abraham:

these are their print trios. i love the bird design, but there are several others as well. so sweet and playful. i can't wait to move charlotte into her "big girl" room just so i can buy these for it :)

these gift tags are another favorite of mine. you can get them personalized (like below), or get them with adorable designs printed right on them. i can think of a hundred uses for these already!

check out the rest of the Sarah & Abraham store at:


team leman said...

I enjoy looking on etsy too! And I totally have loved Sarah and Abraham for a while now! They have fantastic stuff!

Sara Tams said...

Thank you so much for all your kind words - I really appreciate it!!


girlie girl said...

Ok, so I just commented on the wrong post - scanned too far!

Can you tell I didn't sleep last night????