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Saturday, January 5, 2008


"The envelope, please"
"Ahem...and the winner of the 2007 Image of the Year Awards goes to...

Image 12!!!!!!!
(wild cheering and whistling from the audience)

"and second place, just 5 votes shy of first...."

Image 2!
(more cheers and some clapping)

"and last, but not least, in third place..."

Image 4!
(clapping and a "WA-HOO!")

Thank you everyone for voting and participating! I though for sure #2 was going to be the winner, as it was ahead the entire contest...but at the last minute, #12 snuck by with 5 votes and stole the top prize!
I honestly had no idea how many votes would come in...but thanks to you we had 598 votes!! I am blown away! I will be offering a contest about every 3 months, so bookmark my blog or add me to your favorites, cause the contest are going to get better and better all year! Who knew giving stuff away could be so much fun :)

Congrats to The S, R, and B family on winning! Check your inbox for an email from me about your very cool prizes :)

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