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Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm over at the new blog now! Don't back here, ever!

rockin' new blog

I won't check comments at this blog anymore, so don't leave any :)
Come check out the new blog and show me some love!

Almost ready!

My blog is thisclose to being done...! I hope to have it "live" by the end of today. I am so excited to share it with you! I'm sure there will be some tweaking done here and there, but it is going to be SO nice! I haven't been the best at blogging lately since most my effots have been to get the blog finished...but I hope to blog more often from now on...even if it's not photo related. Thanks to the wonderful Teresa for customizing and designing my fab new blog :)

Here's just a teeny tiny sneak peek for ya...

Check back SOON for the link to the new blog!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Digital Images are here!

{I realized the wording was a little confusing on this, so I edited it to hopefully make more sense.}

I've been working on this for several months now, and while it's still not ready to be officially released, I WILL be adding digital packages to my product offerings very soon! Woo hoo! I know so many of you are really wanting those digital images, so I am SO excited to offer them to you!
In the meantime, I wanted to "kick off" the digital packages with a HUGE special!

Here's the scoop:

-For clients that had a session last year between January 2007 and November 2007
-CD includes digital images that you previously purchased as prints, as well as maybe a surprise image or two that I have saved for myself :){for example - whatever prints your ordered from your session will be put on CD for you to keep}
-Images will be high resolution - so can be printed at ANY size! (I am not responsible for crummy printing errors, though - so please follow the list of printing recommendations that are included) :)
-Images will look just as they did in your gallery - creatively edited and re-touched!
-Cost of CD: $100.00

This is a one-time only special. As you know, I normally purge any unordered images after 30 days, and ALL images from your session after 1 year (except for a few favorites of mine to use in my portfolio). So this offer can obviously not be used at any other time, as many of your sessions are coming up on the 1 year "anniversary"...therefore your session images will be purged and no longer available for purchase. This special will run until April 27th - that's just 2 weeks!

This is a great value, as a 5x7 would normally be $15 for just ONE print! You'll be able to print at any size, and as many times as you like...as well as use for myspace, facebook, blogging, etc.

To purchase, just click on the "Buy Now" button, and your CD will be mailed out to you right away! Easy peasy :)

If you have questions, just email me: summer@summerknoblochphotography.com

Remember, this is only offered for a limited time, and after April 27th, digital files will only be available as part of a package, at full price.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's here! It's here!

My new logo is finally here! After a year of being in business, much soul-searching, and a fabulous graphic designer, I finally have my new identity :)

I am so giddy - I'm like a kid on Christmas morning! And it's only going to get better...I'm having some fab new biz cards designed, as well as a a brand new blog header that is going to just be awesome :) Oh- yeah, and did I mention the new BLOG? Oh man, this new blog is going to knock your socks off! I'm not kidding! I'm so pumped :)

Thanks for letting me share my happiness with you all :) Just for fun - here's a few snapshots of C that I took last night for her daddy (who's in Philly on business all week). We miss you Daddy!

"Won't you come home soon, Daddy?"

(yes, that is food on her lip - some things are best left alone in Photoshop) :)

"Pretty please?"


Monday, April 7, 2008

2 cutie pies and something new...

side note:{I apologize for not posting my new logo yet - I'm still waiting for a quick revision to be sent to me. Hopefully I'll get it tonight! I'm just as anxious as you are, believe me) :)

This past weekend I had my first outdoor session of the season! It was a gorgeous day, and I got to spend part of the morning photographing these 2 equally gorgeous sisters. Here's a peak for their momma...

recognize this cutie?

she was one of my models for peas n carrots!

who says photos sessions have to be boring? this was right after i got my turn at tickling her...sometimes you just gotta put the camera down and play :)

here's her sweet baby sister...

check out those lips! so gorgeous...

Before I forget -some exciting news...pretty soon I'll have a brand spankin' new blog! I'm having a custom blog created for me, as we speak! It will probably be a few weeks away before I can give you a peak, but I am SO excited! Lots of new things this year!

Stay tuned to the blog for an offer you won't be able to refuse...really! ;)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

decisions, decisions...and a winner!

Ok, so I've made up my mind and settled on a logo! I'm just waiting for a last minute revision to be done, and then I'll post it on here for all to see :)

First of all - remember when I said here that everyone who voted would get a gift certificate for a free 8x10? Well, there were 19 of you voting, but I only got a handful of addresses! I know some of you aren't from the area, but if you are wanting to claim your gift certificate, please email me your mailing address by this Wednesday. Thank you! :)

Now for the winner of the $50 gift certificate! I wrote everyone's names on a post it note, spread them out over the floor (face down of course, even thought Charlotte can't read yet) and had her pick one out. This is what was the post it note (kind of) looked like:

Yay!! Congrats Jill! Please send me an email so I can get your gift certificate to you :)

Hopefully next time I post it will be with my NEW logo!!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help please - new logo!

I am so excited to be getting a new logo for my business! I designed my own logo back in April of last year, and have never really loved it. So I decided to commission the lovely Amanda to design some concepts for me - and I was blown away! She did an amazing job, and was so wonderful to work with.

Now for the hard part - picking one! I am a terrible decision maker when it comes to stuff like this - so I am asking for your help! I've narrowed it down to 4 different designs. This is where you come in - please leave a comment telling me your favorite one. Everyone who comments will get a gift certificate for a free 8x10 to use at a future session. One lucky commenter will win a $50 gift certificate to be used towards a future print order! (I will draw the name randomly - aka see what piece of paper Charlotte draws out of a hat) :)

So please, vote for your favorite - and really try hard to just pick one :)

Hopefully I will be posting my new logo in the next couple of days - I am so excited!

Here are the choices:

{click to view larger}

Happy voting!


p.s. If you do leave a comment, please email me your home address so I can mail you a gift certificate for the free 8x10 - thanks! :)