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Saturday, February 9, 2008

.models, diaper bags, and blankets.

are just a few of the things i photographed yesterday for peas&carrots. What an amazing day! I got to meet so many new people, and the kiddos were just GORGEOUS! the pictures speak for themselves, but really...these kids were just great! and the products...i was borderline drooling all day. getting to touch all these great fabrics and not take anything home...torture! i was too busy to actually shop, so i'm definitely going to make a trip over there in the next few weeks to pick out a few things. the mommas were oohing and aahing over jessica's creations. i can't even begin to tell you everything she carries, but hopefully these images give you a small taste. this is a HUGE sneak peek...because i know jessica is dying to see some of these, as well as the moms of my models.

Soooo....let the posting palooza begin!

scrumptious mini quilts

these hats were just to die for!

these bibs are so stylish! perfect for throwing in the diaper bag for a dinner out...and way more fun than those paper disposable ones.

this boy has all the makings of a future model...better watch out, mom!

seriously, could this lil girl BE any cuter? i'm so excited to capture her & her lil sis again in april!

quick change - a mom essential! we actually had one mom yesterday say she wishes her son was still in diapers just so she had an excuse to buy one of these - THAT'S how cute they are!

is this little peanut not the sweetest thing? LOVE these hats!

i had serious baby fever after photographing this gorgeous lil girl!

i love these smocks for arts/crafts!

The colors are so drab on blogger...they really don't do these images justice! hopefully when i get my new blog next month that will change :)
Thanks for hanging in there for the longest blog ever! Have a great weekend everyone!



Amber said...

the pictures are great Summer (and I'm not bias AT ALL on the models : ) ).

It was great to meet you!

girlie girl said...

Good work! I love the new stuff she's carrying!

Sheila said...

you're right! I'm totally drooling and a little sad (almost) that I'm not having more kids and getting to buy more of those cute baby things.... as always your shots are just amazing!