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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


here's a sneak peek for baby m & his parents. he was such a happy-go-lucky little guy! we had fun playing at his house together. wintertime can be a challenge when you work only with natural light, esp on days like today when its cloudy and foggy. we spent lots of time near or in front of windows, and it worked beautifully. i still can't get over his gorgeous complexion! milky white skin and striking blue eyes - wow! plus i have a thing for bald babies :) enjoy the peek, j&a!

check out his gorgeous momma!

i'm sure mom & dad thought I was nuts when I drug the dining room table against the wall and asked them to sit "m" on it. hopefully now they'll understand the method to my madness! :) this is one of my fave shots of the whole session!

i'll post some from my newborn session this am coming up later this week!



team leman said...

Awesome job! They look great! Love his sweet bald head : )

girlie girl said...

I would have thought he was just sitting on a wood floor - would have never guessed he was on the table!