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Thursday, February 7, 2008


I can tell you all have spring fever, because my inbox has been flooded with emails this week! It's safe to say I've never booked more sessions than I have in the past week! That being said, April is completely booked. May has TWO spots left. Yes, you heard me right - I am officially booking for May. February has been booked (and overbooked) for awhile now...and March has a few spots open still. March is a great month for newborns as there is a huge baby boom right now, and it's too cold to go outside anyway. See the sidebar for a link to my latest newborn special - it's a doozie!

Thank you all for the amazing response this week - my heart is overflowing with gratitude. I do believe I have the greatest clients ever. :)

Much love,


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team leman said...

You canged your banner! Love it! Cute hat...where in the world did you get that? : ) Yes, I am still on the computer, but I am getting off right NOW...darin took Ethan out for a "boys night out" so I could sew...and here I am...on your blog :)