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Sunday, February 24, 2008

.the quad squad.

I've been slacking the last few days and don't have anything to post at the moment...so here's a link to a friend's blog.

the quad squad

They just gave birth to QUADS last week! Amazing! We were good friends with them several years ago (some may remember them from our wedding party), and through difficult circumstances in our lives, we lost touch with many old friends. I was so excited to hear of their news last fall, and then to find their blog! They are truly an amazing couple, and I can't wait to see what God will do with their lives!
FOUR babies - can you imagine? How awesome! God is so good :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone.



rachael said...

I found your website not too long ago and I love looking at your photographs, they are incredibly beautiful! I am from Bloomington too and had triplets in July of last year, born at 29 weeks, now 5 months adjusted. I was incredibly thrilled to have heard of the quads! You are right, God is so good!

Kimberly Kyle said...

Oh wow, I will pray for those babies! Will you get the chance to photograph them?!