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Monday, April 2, 2007

I must be a REALLY good mom...

I haven't been too good at blogging, but I think it's because I keep catching myself coming and going! I'm keeping busy with photo shoots....when I'm not taking pictures, I'm editing. So I'm a little burry-eyed at the moment! I can't complain though...I get to do something that I love and it is a way for me to stay home with Charlotte (which I love even more!) :)

I'm waiting for a load of diapers to finish washing so I can throw them in the dryer and then head to bed. I did 348 loads of laundry today. (well, it felt like it anyway!) It seems like the housework is never caught up. I appreciated my friend Callie's comment today that a sign of a good mom is a house that isn't spotless! It means she's spending more time with her child than she is cleaning :) That definitely fits me to a "t"! At least I finally have a good excuse!

While I'm waiting for my 349th load of laundry to finish, here's a few shots from my shoot last week...these are Shelly's adorable little girls (you can check out her blog under "blogs i visit") This was by far my most fun shoot yet! (the first picture speaks for itself!)

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hartgirlies said...

Thanks for sharing pics of my girls with everyone on your blog. I too did over 300 loads of laundry yesterday and thought I finally hit the bottom of the hamper, which I rarely see, when I awoke to another set of sheets to be washed and a naked Ashlee in my bed. OOPS! I then walked into the bathroom and found the aftermath of bath time: wet towels and bathmats, dirty clothes and a mud splattered shower curtain. I forgot to wash it after the mud fight! (I did have to run my washer completely empty two times to rinse out all of the mud residue. It brought a smile to my face each time!) The laundry is never done. When everyone takes their clothes off at night, alas, ther is another load for the morning.
Happy Washing!