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Sunday, April 15, 2007

For Dad

My dad was working on screening in my parents' front porch last week, and Drew, being the boy that he is, really wanted to help. He calls it "workin". He was busy "hammering" in the screws and "drilling". Thankfully I had my camera. I've learned not to leave the house without it :) I snapped a few pictures, trying to capture those fleeting, precious moments before they slipped away forever. I love watching my Dad interact with his grandchildren. I have grown to love him even more as I watch him play with them and love on them. I think it's because I get a glimpse of how he must have cared for us when we were little. There's nothing quite as wonderful as watching your parents cherish your own children.
This is for you, Dad, to bring a smile to your day! I love you.

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