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Monday, April 23, 2007

So fun to be 2!

I had a shoot last night with the perfect model! Gorgeous brown hair that flips and curls in all the right places...sparkling green eyes...pink pouty lips....man, this girl has got it so good! Oh, did I mention she's only two? This little tot kept me busy as we ran all over the park. I think she was a little afraid of the camera...but even with tears and lots of running, I still managed to capture some sweet moments that only a 2 year old could impart!

Elisa, here's a sneak peek at your proofs...I told you we'd get some good ones! - even with the crying spells :) Hope this tides you over until they're done!


Donette said...

Hey Summer,
I am curious what photography program you use for editing. We are trying to do some artistic photos, instead of just typical snapshots, and it seems we need a good program to use. What do you reccommend?

Summer said...

donette- i use Photoshop for all my editing. getting to know your camera, lighting, etc will really help you, too. what camera are you using?