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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

So much to say!

I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog lately, but it's all for a very good reason...I have a new website! www.summerknoblochphotography.com After a week of work (and pulling my hair out), I finally finished my website. I can already tell it is going to be lifesaver for me. Clients can view proofs, place an order (and even pay!), check my calendar for openings, and shoot me an email. All without leaving my site. Ahhh, simplicity. Things are finally calming down here now that I'm done working on the site, but after this weekend, it's back to crazyland for me! I have an event I'm shooting in the morning, a wedding that I'm a 2nd shooter for all day, then that evening I'm off to an outdoor shoot. I get tired just thinking about it! It should be a fun day, though. It will be my first wedding experience, so I am quite excited about it. Yesterday Matt "kidnapped" Charlotte and I for the day and took us to Wildlife Prairie Park! It was such a fun day. It was just what we needed...a little vaca from life. Time to just be a family and enjoy being outside. We both felt so refreshed when we got home (even after walking all over the hiking trails pushing a jogging stroller....oh, and uphill both ways of course!) I loved seeing the wonder on Charlotte's face as she enjoyed her first train ride and saw bison for the first time. If only they could stay this little longer!