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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just checking in....

Well, I've had 3 photo shoots now, and I've realized I still have a lot of organizing to do! Starting your own business is more involved than one would think, no matter how small the business is. Once I get these birth annoucements done for a client, I'm going to sit down and really get things in order. One of them being my portfolio and proof viewing. I wish we could afford for me to have a website right now, but Matt says I have to make enough to pay off the new camera first. I guess he's right :) I'd like to add some of my favorites from recent shoots on here, but I need to get permission from the mommas first ;) (callie- I'll be calling you! lol) So until then, enjoy these 2 of Charlotte...she's just so stinkin cute!


girlie girl said...

So are you making this your photo viewing blog? If so, don't forget to change your title! :)
Don't foget to go to bed early tonight! I'll call you at 6:00am (JK).

Sum said...

girlie girl-
its not going to be my photo viewing blog for clients...just a place to post my latest/favorite photos. i'm going to do the proof viewing & portfolio on flickr. still not sure if i'm going to change the name or not..