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Thursday, February 22, 2007

What a big girl!

My little girl is growing up so fast! Today she stood up holding onto the couch for the first time! I am so happy that Matt came home early from work and was able to see it. She was so cute-each time she would do it, she would laugh and smile. She knew she was doing something new. Of course we didn't fail to make a HUGE deal out of it, hah! She hasn't shown any interest in crawling-it looks she's just going to go right to "cruising"! Guess I'd better baby-proof the house now...I just can't believe it! She's 7 months now and time is flying by. Pass the kleenex, please!


amy manahan said...

Hey Summer! Found your blog through Donette's blog. Oh, your pictures of little Charlotte are so cute!! I look at those pictures with such fondness because my little babies are in that "I can do everything by myself" stage. I miss being needed!!
Anyway, what a great idea about taking a picture of your kids each day of the year-I'm going to try that one!! AMY

Donette said...

Alli just turned 8 months and is crawling, but not standing yet! What an advanced child you have! :)
Keep posting the pictures, I love looking at them and wishing I was better at photography!

Sum said...

amy- glad you found me :) the 365 challenge has been great. i know i'll be so glad i have all these pictures someday.

donette- at least alli is crawling! charlotte hasn't even tried yet :(