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Friday, September 28, 2007

baby K

This post will be longer than most, because I have a lot to say. For the last few weeks, Matt and I have been consumed with prayers and thoughts for this particular baby. This little guy had a very scary start to his life, and struggled for several days. Sharing with his parents in their disbelief and fear brought back many memories for Matt & I. It doesn't seem possible that it was almost 3 years ago that we were fighting the same fight for our angel Henry.

I'm so happy to say that last week, baby K came home to his family! He still has a few hurdles ahead of him, but our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness for this little miracle.

I had the privilege of photographing him today, and this is the song that is running through my head as I am proofing his session...(photos follow)


you're my life's one miracle

everything I've done that's good

you break my heart with tenderness

and I confess its true

I never knew a love like this 'til you

you're the reason I was born

now I finally know for sure

and I'm overwhelmed with happiness

so blessed to hold you close

the one that I love most

though the future has so much for you in store

who could ever love you more?

the nearest thing to heaven

you're my angel from above

only God creates such perfect love

when you smile at me, I cry

and to save your life I'd die

with a romance that's pure in heart

you are my dearest part

there is nothing you could ever do

to make me stop loving you

and every breath I take

is always for your sake

you sleep inside my dreams and know for sure

who could ever love you more?

J & B- thank you for sharing your miracle with me. kisses to baby K.



Emily said...

so sweet...I love all of these. Congrats to mom and dad =)

Lauren said...