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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been "tagged" by fellow photographer Jessica Oatman.
Basically I have to list 8 random facts about myself, and then tag 8 other photographers to do the same. Jessica, you're gonna get it for this!

Allright...so here's all the things you never wanted to know and more :)

1. I grew up in and old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere, catching bugs and playing in the cornfields. My dream is to do it all over again someday with our kids.

2. Matt & I love going to Wal-mart together. Not sure why, but we have been doing it for 7 years and it's still fun!

3. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip. No low fat or low sugar kind, either, thankyouverymuch. I hate diet deserts...what is the point? (that was an extra random fact for ya)

4. When I get nervous, I get really, really chatty. If I'm on my way to a session or to church to sing, I can't stop talking. The car ride usually goes something like this:
Me: Man, It's hot out today.
Matt: Yep.
Me: Wow, look at that car, the fender is hanging off.
Matt: Mmmhmm
Me: Hey, there's a dead squirrel in the middle of the road!
Matt: Gross.
Me: I wonder what Matt & Amy are doing tonight, we should call them.
Matt: Good idea.
Me: Or we could rent a movie, or I'll probably be tired after the shoot, we should just go home and I'll edit, or we could grab dinner, or we could take Charlotte to the park to play on the swings, but she'll probably be too tired and it is probably too hot out. Man, it's hot out today.
Matt: Yep.

5. I will not leave the house without makeup unless I absolutely have to (like if there was a fire or something). I'm not sure if that makes me vain or just tells you that I am not a natural beauty...but either way, makeup MUST be applied!

6. I am a little crunchy around the edges....not all the way through, but definitely on the edges. I cloth diaper part-time (used to full time but I admit I have regressed the last few months), we co-sleep, I still breastfeed Charlotte (yes, she is *gasp!* almost 14 months old), and I only feed her organic, natural foods (mostly vegan). I would even go so far as to only give her homegrown fruits and vegetables IF I had a garden, but alas I am too afraid of tomato spiders to grow my own. (yet another extra fact)

7. Every year, around October, it starts. I pout, I stomp, I resist until I am so uncomfortable that I can hardly stand it anymore. I eventually give in, but not without whining and crabbing and then whining some more. I hate to do it, but I have to. I put my flip flops away.

8. I think being a mom is the coolest thing ever. Really.

Allright, I really wanna hear from you readers! Tell me a random fact! The one that makes me laugh the most will get a little prize :) C'mon, I wanna see this post fill up with comments!

Allright, this is who I'm taggin in return!

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Holly - Lilly's Mommy said...

since this is your public blog with clients, ill keep it clean :D

mmm. now that im thinking about it im actually quite boring. LOL

1. Although im breastfeeding for lilly's health and well being, my biggest reason in the beginning was quite selfish as i had the assumption that breastfeeding gives you bigger boobs.I was very excited but In reality they only got bigger when they were engorged and now they hang to the floor. Not exactly what i had in mind but atleast they are doing good for something.

Emily said...

thank you Summer....you are so talented and I am very flattered =)

hartgirlies said...

You are so funny, Summer! I know everyone loves the little things that make you...you!

girlie girl said...

Love the new layout!

Hmmm, little known fact.... (I have so many that I can't share in cyberspace! :)
Here it is: I will satisfy my chocolate cravings at ALL cost!!! (M&Ms under the kids bed, Milk Duds stuck to the bottom of my purse, frosting out of the can, licking the ice cream container lid,...you get the picture!

Hi. My name is Callie, and I'm a....choclaholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meg White said...

eight facts about little ol me :
hmmm....thisis hard....
1) I have this dream of having 6 or 7 kids - my husband is not on board with this thought, but it is still a dream. I would love to think I can handle all of that, but I don't know. There are days where two is plenty, but I know I would love to have more.

2) I can be a klutz - my last wedding I shot a $400 lense slipped out of my hand and I had to replace it with another. A few days later my external hard drive tipped over and I had to replace that. PTL I back up 3 different ways and didn't loose anything.

3) When I was pregnant with my first kiddo I was in three car wrecks - I had never been in a car wreck before that point. AND NO they were not all my fault.

4) I love food - most anything - well that isn't gross. I am truly grateful for any food the Lord puts before us. :o)

5) When I am PMSing I get in a weird mood - not always mean, but in a weird mood.

6) I am eating Krispy Kreme doonuts right now

7) I am then going to shoot a wedding

8) I Love being outdoors in the fall - after allergies are over!