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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More stuff for YOU!

I've been feeling very festive lately. Maybe it's the cooler temperatures, or the pumpkins sprouting up in the stores around town...but I am SO excited for my favorite season....FALL!

With fall comes some "fun stuff" for all of you! I have been considering buying some calendar templates for awhile now, but was disappointed to find that the ones I like only come in a 5x7 size. So, I decided to make my own! Here are 2 examples...I hope to add more in the months to come:

The calendars come printed as indivdual months, in a 8x8 size. Perfect for tacking up on your bulletin board (I'm off tonight to buy one for my work station -woo hoo!) I love that they aren't your traditional calendar, and even better that it's a picture of my daughter and not someone else's kid (or puppy, or kitten, etc) Price: $55 for 12 months So you basically not only get a calendar, but (12) 8x8 prints of your child.

If you're interested, please comment below. If there's enough interest, I'd love to offer a group buy...let's say 10 people, then it's only $45!

*Photographers: If you're interested in purchasing the templates of these, please email me at: summer@summerknoblochphotography.com

Also...you only have TWO WEEKS to get your Christmas Card request in! Don't forget! Have a great week!



Splendid Photography said...

Very cute! You are so talented!

Jessie E. said...

I want a calender of our wedding pics. can i do that? an i owe you calender for next year!? They look great. we made on of us last year, but it was construction paper, and defin. homemade! you do such a great job!

Summer said...

If you want to get in on the group buy, you can pay now for the calendar and then you'll obvisouly get your calendar in January :)

Otherwise, you can wait until after the wedding but it would be full price.

Just let me know!