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Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun on the farm :)

I had a session over the weekend at one of the best locations yet! This family lives on a HUGE area of land...gorgeous wooded areas, wheat fields, horses, creeks....you name it! We had a great time exploring different spots, and I got to relive some of my younger days of growing up as a farm girl :) The mom told me that she really just wanted a day in their life to be documented...them doing things that they always do together, but don't have photographs of. THAT is what I am all about and what I truly, truly love! This was such a laid back session because they really were just being themselves, and letting me tag along.

Thanks M & A!

p.s. Blogger has really been messing with my pics so I apologize for the way they look! Definitely doesn't do them justice :(

love this field!

we stopped to skip rocks across the creek for awhile...

one last "pose" for the night...the boys were such good sports!

is he not the cutest thing ever?!

and as usual, i had to get some of just mom and dad...these 2 were cracking me up! are they too cute or what?


girlie girl said...

What a darling family :)

I love the first one best!

amy said...

Thanks, Summer. Those were great! Love them all. . . can't wait to see the rest!

Melissa said...

These are great!

You've been tagged :)