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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Double Sneak Peek

You know when you cram everything into one weekend how it seems to go by like a whirlwind? That's what this weekend was like. Between multiple sessions, wiener roasts, and a birthday party, we didn't know when we were coming or going! I can't believe tomorrow is already Monday, but I'm glad to have a day to rest and hang out with my favorite little person :)

I'm doing 2 different sneak peeks from my last few sessions...so here's the first for O's mom. You know I love you, girl! Enjoy! (H's mom...keep scrolling for yours!)

Don't ya just wanna squeeze him?

Now for H...I did her 2 year portraits in May so you may recognize this cutie. We had a wind advisory today which made it more of a challenge than usual, but we ended up with some fantastic shots regardless!

I've told her mom a dozen times already - you must get this child into modeling! Unbelievably photogenic - and only 2 1/2!

A few of my baby girl, just for fun...I am getting these printed big for her bathroom :)



girlie girl said...

Darling!.....can't wait to see the rest!

And I LOVE C in the tub! Priceless!

fabebabe said...

Summer...i love the bathtub shots!!! What a perfect way to decorate the bathroom. love it!

Lisa M. (Clark) Mengarelli said...

Great pics and of course, cute kiddos. I need to get some more pics of Nick...and the 'fam' (Ben, me and Nick). I don't seem to have any of those professional 'fam pics' since last Thanksgiving. Oops....agh! Anyway, thanks for sharing and OH SO CUTE!!!