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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Reminders & Little Miss G

Well, I survived one of the busiest weekends yet! Now only 9 sessions + 1 wedding to go before November 18th! That sounds really crazy when I say it, but if I just take one session at a time it should be doable :) Other photogs told me that fall would be the busiest season, and wow, they weren't kidding! And to think I turned away about 10 others for this fall b/c I just simply can't do it all. I'm sorry to those of you that weren't able to get in - now that you know how quickly things fill up, you'll be sure to book way ahead for next year :)

Before the sneak peek, a few reminders:

*MONDAY, OCTOBER 8TH is the last day to get your Christmas card order in. If I don't receive it tomorrow, well....you're out of luck :) I'll check my email last thing before I head to bed tomorrow nght, so feel free to email me your request up until the last minute. See the sidebar link for all the details.

*WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10TH from 7pm-9:30pm is the Mama Entrepenuer Bazaar! Details were in the latest postcard that was sent out. I will be listing a full description of the event on Tuesday, but basically, you don't want to miss it! All exhibitors are moms that are entrepenuers (how cool is that?)...there will be around 13 different vendors and TONS of giveaways! I will be holding a drawing for a FREE SPRING 08 SESSION (no strings attached!) as well as giving away coupons like it's going out of style. I've only got 50 though, so shop and shop early! Make plans to stop by....again, more details Tuesday!

Ok, on to the sneak peek of this little sweetheart! I know mom and dad are missing her as they're out of state right now, so here's a little heart tugger for ya! :)

"Where's your bellybutton?"

What would a sneak peek be without a close-up in black and white?...I'm so predicatable!

She seriously could not be any cuter!

That's it for now...check back tomorrow!


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girlie girl said...

Love the belly-button shot! :)