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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Charlotte is ONE!

Well, my baby girl is offically ONE! I still can't believe it. Everyone tells you how fast the first year goes by, and wow, it really does! This is a day that I always sort of feared would never come. After losing Henry, I've always wondered if I would have the chance to sing "Happy Birthday", watch my child open presents, and hear my child say "mama" as they stretch our their arms for me. I've gotten this, and so much more. While I lost that chance with Henry, I am all the more thankful for this last year with Charlotte. I am so glad that I have learned to never take one moment for granted, and to be thankful for everything - even the difficult moments. I'm warning you, there's quite a few pictures ahead! A few of them are just snapshots from her birthday...the lighting was terrible and I stubbornly refused to use my in camera flash (shudder) and was too lazy to get out the bounce flash :) They were too fun not to share, though. Charlotte LOVED her cake, as you can see! Thanks to all my faithful blog-readers...friends and clients...for keeping up with me and letting me chatter on and on about my special little girl :)


Lauren said...

Wow, one already? Happy Birthday Charlotte! And so glad you have taken so many moments as treasures in your heart. The pictures are, as always, precious. We were so happy to have met her. Happy Birthday to the little princess.

katie said...

What a BEAUT!!!!!! Just like her mama! I am so glad that you have enjoyed Charly's first year! They do grow sooooo fast! I am already thinking about Chloe's bday party and it is 5 months away! Love ya!


girlie girl said...

oh, we are so thankful for Charlotte! I have enjoyed watching her grow (and her parents too!) I'll be right behind you on her wedding day...with kleenex in hand, as long as you'll do the same for me.