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Saturday, June 16, 2007

New things are happening!

Due to popular demand, I am now offering several Collections for clients to choose from. I've listed descriptions taken right from my website below. I am so excited to be able to provide customized plans for each stage of your child's life. To celebrate these recent additions, I am offering 20% off each collection to the first person to book any particular one! Any questions, just shoot me an email! In addition to my Creative Session, you can now choose from the following:

Whether a hospital or home birth, this time will be captured in a sensitive, journalistic style. Please contact me for prices and details about photographing this beautiful event.

The first two weeks is one of the most amazing periods in your child's life. Because during these two weeks they will change so quickly, it is important to capture the tiny details: that fuzzy skin, newborn belly button, and tiny soft fingernails...before they change forever.

Summer's style highlights the unique features that define your baby. She strives to create distinct images that will be cherished for a lifetime. This session is longer than any other session, lasting up to 4 hours. Summer understands that newborns cannot be rushed, so she leaves plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, and yes, even crankiness!

Your collection includes:
*3-4 hours of Summer's time and talent
*all of the images from your online gallery in a beautiful coffee table album
*11x14 print

After the birth of your child, your pregnancy will become a distant memory. Remember the amazing process of creating your child with a maternity session. This collection also includes the extended newborn session., as well as the following:
*a consultation with Summer to discuss your desires for your sessions
*a beautiful coffee table album filled with the images of your choice from your sessions
*11x14 print

This collection includes 3 sessions over the course of your baby's first year. This is a wonderful way to capture the way your baby changes and grows in that very first year. Your collection also includes:
*11x14 print from each session
*beautiful coffee table album filled with images of your choice from all your sessions, presented to your child after their first birthday

This session includes a creative photo session, as well as Summer's popular session album. This beautiful hardback album is a modern alternative to a traditional album and is the perfect way to display your photos. You will absolutely love it! Your album will contain all proofs from your session.

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