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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Jackster

Ok, this little guy is pretty special...not only are his parents dear friends of ours, but he is Charlotte's future husband! Ok, I may be elaborating a little on that last part...but they are just 3 weeks apart, and I can't but wonder if they'll someday be buddies or even something more :)

What a fun, relaxing session! It was fun wandering around the golf course snapping pictures of this family. Tina, here's your sneak peek...it was so hard to only pick a few, but I had to save some of my favorites for later :) I can't wait to show you the rest!

the sky was just amazing tonight! he had just let his balloon go and was watching it fly away :)

i told you he was cute!

had to snap this one fast before he climbed off the table!


girlie girl said...

I thought Char was going to marry Isaiah?! What a cute Jackster!

Mama said...

Hi,I am one of Jack's grandparents and I think your photography is excellent...you do have an exceptional subject there.
He is a special little guy and very loved. Hope you photos are available somehow, I am kind of a nut on pictures
Thanks for sharing the "Jackster" with us.

Rebecca said...

There's my favorite Jackster, I think he gets cuter everytime I see him!!