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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bye, bye Mickey...

Well, we just got back from sunny (and hot!) Orlando. It was our first vacation for just the 3 of us, and it was SO nice! I can't even begin to write everything we did (although I did keep a vacation journal so Charlotte can read it someday). We had an absolute blast! We stayed at Disney for a few days, then bopped around Orlando for the rest of the week. This week also marked my 26th birthday! Matt - the loving, sensitive husband that he is - kindly informed me that I am now in my "late twenties". I have to say that I disagree...I think late twenties should be closer to 28, or at the very earliest 27 :) I can't blame the guy...he's going to be 32 this month so I'm sure being the old man that he is, he has to give me a hard time. Must be tough being the oldest one in the house!
Anyway, we had a great time, and yes, it was very magical, as Disney always is! I can't wait to go back in the spring. It is our favorite place to visit and I'm always a little sad to leave. I of course took a ridiculous amount of pictures, so I'll try to get some on in the next few days.
The next few weeks is uber busy with sessions, so you'll be seeing lots of sneak peeks...but first I'll get some of Charlotte on here from our week in Mickey-ville!
Stay tuned for pics of the princess!

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