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Friday, March 7, 2008

The most popular question...

...from my clients when booking a session isn't about availability, pricing, or even me :) It's "What should we wear?" One of the great things about being a custom photographer, is that I often do sessions at client's homes, and can actually help them pick out outfits the day of their session. But sometimes clients who like to plan ahead (like I do) want to have those outfits decided beforehand...still others may be traveling out of town to meet me, and may not have the luxury of a full closet of choices when they meet with me. For ALL my clients, you have officially hit the jackpot.

Introducing the "What to Wear" guide! This extensive guide steers you through the entire process...gives you the basics, as well as what traditional rules are meant for bending, if not breaking entirely (you all know I love breaking those rules). :) There's even a handy dandy shopping guide that covers each type of style and gives you plenty of choices for finding that perfect ensemble. On-line shopping links included, of course.

Oh yeah- and we've got moms, dads, and sibs covered, too. There's even a special section for maternity and newborn sessions.

The best part about the guide? It's totally free. Yup. I know. Pretty awesome. When you book your session for 2008, within 24 hours you'll receive a PDF version of the guide that you can save to your computer and view to your hearts content. Pretty generous and earth-friendly of me, you say? Aw, you shouldn't have :)

Here's just a teeny tiny taste of this information-packed guide:

*For the 17 of you that have already booked your sessions for 2008 (you over-achievers, you), I'll email you your guide in the next few weeks :)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!



Anonymous said...

oh suuuuuuure, punish us eager beavers... having to wait. ;) Does the guide have helpful tips for clothed/covered-belly maternity shopping?

Summer said...

But of course my dear :)

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

Emilie said...

The guide looks great, Summer! I enjoyed checking it out (and confirming that my sense of style is completely crazy eclectic, crossing over all categories LOL). What a nice service for your clients. BTW, should I have gotten a "welcome" packet in {snail} mail? I haven't, FYI. xoxo ...