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Monday, March 24, 2008


You know how they say pregnant women have that "glow" about them? Well, I photographed a mama-to-be today that definitely had that glow. The images speak for themselves - wow! Such a gorgeous momma. I am so excited to photograph their baby girl in just a little over a month!

A & L - here's a big sneak peek for you...I picked just a few of my favorites :) Enjoy!

Doesn't she look amazing?

Got quite a few of the 2 of them together, too...or should I say 3 :)

Just love this moment I happened to catch...such a fun couple!

I've got a very important task for all my faithful blog readers in a few days...so PLEASE check back - I need your help! :)


Anonymous said...


Now how bad would it REALLY be for me to lose 40# in the next month so I look as nice for mine??? ;)

katie said...


Penny said...

Your work is awesome! And of course the pregnant momma looked beautiful. I am so regretting not getting pics done while pregnant. TOO LATE NOW! BOO HOO!