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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Just a few photos from last night...

We met at my parent's house for some pictures of the cousins together...
{click on the first two to view larger}

Fireman & Butterfly :)

Me & my butterfly...she is growing up so fast!

If you know my nephew, you would know this if the perfect costume for him!

Just too cute!

We then went to Pizza Hut for some din-din before heading to visit Mamaw. The kids were quite a hit at the retirement center! It was such a great idea to go there...it means so much to the residents.

Hope you and yours had a great Halloween!

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Lisa M. (Clark) Mengarelli said...

Hey, CUTE PICS...of course. They are both beautiful kids, so of course...their pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. You know what, that was SUCH a great idea to go to a retirement place. We should get a small group together to go NEXT Halloween. You are SO right...they LOVE seeing kiddos in costume (actually, they like to see kiddos at ANYTIME). Just thought that was a great idea and I'm gonna try to remember to TRY to do that next year with Nick! Our pics are coming soon....I PROMISE!