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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


it's been a long time since i took out my camera just for fun, and snapped some pictures of C just being herself. so today i did just that, and i am SO glad i did. it reminded me of why i love being a photographer...but it reminded me even more of why i love being a MOM.

this is C.

she's just too much.

this is what happens when you let your 16 1/2 month old put her own barettes in her hair, and decide what to wear for the day.

hoping this phases passes before she starts school.

(and yes, her hands are on her hips. i told you she was too much.)

that's all for now. i'm taking a much needed break before i shoot a wedding out of state on the 15th. since i won't have any sneak peeks to post for awhile, i'm planning on keeping the blog rolling with some favorite shots from 2007, so keep checking back...you may see your little one on here :)



girlie girl said...

Cute. i'm still seeing a little "Matt" in her eyes.

Melissa said...

she is adorable! I love her hair!

BethCupitt said...

she is too cute. my hair looks like that today.