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Monday, August 27, 2007

It's official...

...I'm hooked on newborns. I just can't get enough of these sweet little ones! This little guy was so perfect! He slept almost the entire 3 hours I was shooting...he didn't even stir when I carried him outside for some shots. I just love him to pieces!

I'd love to capture more newborns, so if you know of any expecting mommas, please pass my name along!

"T", here's your sneak peek...lots more to come!

(click on this first one to really do it justice!)

I was so excited when I saw this little sign hanging on a birdhouse outside their house...I just had to use it!

1 comment:

girlie girl said...

These are simply pricless! What a doll! Makes me want to have anot.....what am I saying!!! I'll just enjoy what I have for now! :)