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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Clips and headbands and pony holders, oh my!

You may remember a post a few weeks back about a company called Oopsie Dazie. The owner, Cindy, commissioned me to do some commercial work for her, and here are some of the results! Shooting still objects is definitely NOT something I am used to :) and I have to say, while it wasn't as tiring as a child session (oh, and I got to stay in the air conditioning!), it still came with it's own challenges. I really had to get the creative juices going on this one, and I think for my first time, it turned out pretty well! Here's just a taste for Cindy, as I know I've kept her waiting for awhile for these. I should have the rest done by this weekend...and I'll add on the model shots then (Charlotte and her daughter were both models for me) :)

Here's your very belated sneak peek, Cindy...thank you for being so patient, and so sweet!

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